Save money in online shopping

Planning for Shopping? Online or Offline – Read this to save some money.

In this short but important post I am going to share some money saving tips which will allow your to save money in shopping. It can be online shopping on eCommerce sites such as flipkart,eBay etc or can be direct shopping in malls saving money always matters. But if you have not did your shopping yet or planning for it read this post as it may save your money by changing your view towards shopping. So let’s see how to save money in shopping.

You might see very exciting offers on every e-commerce,shopping site or in malls, shops but before doing shopping on it keep following points in mind :

  • Prepare a list of items which are “really” needed before going to shop as it will help you to avoid the unnecessary items.
  • Item list should be priority wise so you can remove some items if you realize that shopping budget is exceeding (While defining a priority be loyal to yourself, and ask yourself “Is it really needed?” 🙂 )
  • Everyone has its own budget so do not plan shopping or buying something only because your relative or friends are bought it
  • If planning to buy something online do check coupon sites, you may get a discount coupon on the products you are looking.

If planning to buy something on so called “0% Interest EMI” schemes then consider following points :

  • Nothing you get on zero percent interest if you are paying its price in EMI. (check what are the processing fees and other charges)
  • So before going for it compare the price in stores near by you and on other sites.
  • If taking it from offline store, ask seller what will be the price if you pay all amount in cash and then ask what if I pay some amount or full amount in EMI. It will help you to identify the charges included in it.
  • If you are going to pay it with your “Credit Card”, stick with the product (in terms of features,price) which you decided to buy at start .
    E.g. If you are planning to buy 32″ inch LED for your home and visiting the store u saw 42/54 inch big LED or more than it, this is the moment you need to control. because it is buyers natural tendency that he sometimes buys extra or non-required products when he is paying its price through EMI (credit card options).

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